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1BUY3 is a platform that allows you to purchase the services of professional Freelancing experts because at 1BUY3 Aavailable Millions professional online service provider with 100% secure system, or you can offer your services for clients who need them. Here's how it works:.

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Search our freelancer listings for top rated and reviewed experts in every skill imaginable — our freelancing website can provide you all type or service, Because everything is availabe here. Refine your search by skill. Contact with freelancers and request a proposal for your project.

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Finally when the work for any milestone is completed and delivered to the client to his/her satisfaction, the payment is transferred to your account according to the amount you both agreed on

Upon completion of all project milestones, the parties will be required to provide a project review. Project review is one of the most important steps of the project as it helps in assessing the quality of work, the way the work was conducted and the overall satisfaction. Project review contributes heavily in improving the classification of bids in general. Therefore, you are requested to provide a project review upon the completion of the project, which will not take more than few minutes from your valuable time.

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